Friday, May 13, 2011

Dear baby Colston,

Hello cousin!
Its me, Beck.

I was so happy when Momma told me you were born. 
Now there are two boy cousins! 

I know I'm going to meet you in two weeks,
but I thought I'd write you a quick letter.

I am the bigger, older, wiser cousin after all,
so its my job to show you the ropes.

-like how to empty all the kitchen drawers and cabinets so many times
that Mom will surrender and just let you do it.  ha!

-and how to ask for something fifty times until you get it-
just point at the object of desire and say "dat, dat, dat, dat, dat, dat, dat, dat, dat,"
Believe me, eventually she'll figure out what you want

as soon as possible, learn how to use a straw.
You look way cooler that way.

This one is fun. 
You will definitely show your parents who is boss if you suddenly turn into a majorly picky eater.
Just go from eating anything and everything one day,
to throwing your food to the dogs the next.
(literally. throw your food to your dogs, it is so fun!)
You'll sit there on your highchair throne
while your parents do cartwheels to get you to eat.
Its hilarious!

As for me, all I eat willingly these days is crackers and milk.

Real food that is. 
I still taste everything else in sight.

A trick I've learned:
Mom will let you play with her phone if you pretend to talk on it.
She thinks its so cute!

Here is another lesson from your experienced older cousin.
This one is important.
Balls are the best!!!

The last thing I want to teach you (for today)
is something that you should never, ever forget.

Big boys DO cry.

and don't let anyone tell you otherwise!

Love you Colston!
See you in two weeks!

-Your best pal,


Lacey said...

SO ADORABLE! haha! congrats on the new member of the family :)

Hot Pink Combat Boots said...

Cute - he looks oh-so happy!

Chase said...

Welcome baby Colston! We now have 2/5 of our baby boy basketball team. Our baby is soo dang cute!

calli said...

That is the cutest!