Thursday, May 12, 2011

a new cousin and basketball practice

We are cheering!
Beck has a brand new cousin!
My sister and her husband adopted the cutest baby boy today.

The countdown to meet him has begun.
2 weeks from today! 
We can't wait!!!

On another note,
Beck's love of the "Bah!" has grown to a whole new level.
He wanders around the house ALL DAY with his ball.

Every time we walk into the garage,
he knows the basketball hoop is behind the garage door. 
He points and calls for it over and over and over until it is out of sight.

When Daddy got home there was nothing to do but have a little B-ball practice before bedtime
...hence the coat over his pj's
(don't worry, my boy doesn't wear tights)

Chase is such a trooper. 
He lifted Beck high above his head
over and over and over again.

Beck loved it and would have done it for hours if we let him

It was the perfect way to tire him out for bedtime.

1 comment:

Chase said...

He is an all star! "Bah, Bah, Bah!" He just kept chanting and pointing to the hoop and the basketball. Those pajamas with the Letterman are super cute too!