Wednesday, June 22, 2011

As of late

Ever since the nice weather hit (finally!)
we've been running running running.
just trying to bask in every bit of summer that we can!
Some pictures to sum up what we've been up to:

chasing a crazy little kid around:

Visiting with dear friends

celebrating exceptional fathers
(I had a post planned for the Dad's in my life but life just was too crazy for blogging)

My Chase and my mini-Chase

A perfect family night. 
baseball. playground. Boondocks.
with some really fun people
 Mr. Cool himself

 I think these boys would like me to mention that they beat the record for the football game twice.

Basically between all the fun we've been having,
and the housework, yardwork, etc
blogging has taken its place on the backburner. 
I'm really ok with that.
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1 comment:

Chase said...

That was a really fun family night!! I love being with my family! Fun post honey, love u :)