Monday, June 13, 2011

A thousand reasons to love life

This weekend was the perfect amount of hard work, laziness, and fun.

We woke up Saturday morning and scrubbed, dusted, mopped, straightened, and mowed.
Why is it that doing chores always sounds so dreadful?
It is never as bad as you think its going to be. 
and it sure is great when the house sparkles with a lemon scent afterwards!
Remind me of that next Saturday ok?

We train 'em young around here

Later on, we had some good eats as a family

there was lots of giggling and silly-ness involved 

We also met up with Jalene and Lincoln.
If Spring was a place, it would be here.

 the weather was perfect
a million yellow sunflowers blanketed the hill,
and baby chicks and ducks clucked around after their momma while we had a photoshoot.

our own little chick clucked a bit too

It is moments like this that remind me why life is so wonderful. 

My boyfriend of five years

the lovebirds after one year of marriage

If you want to capture spring in a photo yourself call this talented girl!
You gotta hurry though, before the sunflowers start to wilt!

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Chase said...

Great post honey!! That was a great day! Thanks Jalene for capturing those great pictures. It helps to have such a beautiful wife who is so photogenic! Life's great!

Derek and Bre said...

Those pictures are fantastic! What a perfect little family!!

Taryn said...

Beautiful pictures, Leah! You look great and so happy :) Hope we get to hang out thsi week!!!

sam and kyrsten said...


Ok I am so jealous that you just get family photo shoots all the time! Your sister in law does great!

Im SOOO glad you are soo happy! You deserve it!

You are so sweet and I am so glad that you want to follow our new blog. I just added the follower portion on our sidebar so please do it!

CheekyPinkTulip said...

These are such adorable photos. You have a beautiful family!!

Maria xx