Saturday, July 23, 2011

The dog days of Summer

First off,
Could someone please explain to me what that even means? 

It is Summer, and it is glorius. 
I've been an awful blogger,
but I don't really care!
Mimi visits.
splash pad, cousins, snuggles with Mimi,
bubbles, play dough, singing and reading,
I think my mom and Beck have a secret language of babble
Beck sure loves his Mimi!

Girls Camp.
LOVE those girls!
 I should have counted the number of times another leader asked me where I was supossed to be.
"I'm a leader, I promise!!"

Preston and Quinn.
uncles! popsicles, Harry Potter, bagel bites,
"King, Queen, Pauper, Peon-aka Poopon"
Costa Vida. amazing performances, Lagoon,
to Provo and  back

baby cousin bathtime, BBQ's, goodbye's, cousins, Rodeo, cards, fresh bruchetta,
LOVE! Pizza Factory. never enough

running, gabbering, signing, giggling, everything throwing,
hugs, high five and pound-its, early rising, door opening and slamming.

toddler wrestling, dream chasing,
air conditioner missing,
wife snuggles, dish washing, softball.

freckles and sunshine, laundry, chasing,
 cough cough coughing (ick!)
good book reading, free iphone!

Its pretty obvious that I have been HORRIBLE at capturing photos of our Summer.
I'm resolving to fix that!
That pretty much sums up summer so far! 
(Up until about a week ago that is)
We're just loving it.

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Grams said...

The term "dog days" has to do with the rising and setting of Sirius, the dog star. If you want a more concise explanation you can find it here.

Leah said...

thanks Grams!!! I appreciate the explanation!

Cheap Baby Favors said...

I like your explanation and nice picture shared.