Wednesday, September 28, 2011

settling into life

Well, it looks like we really do live in Kansas. 
Its not some vacation like it felt like for a little while ;) 
Honestly, besides the fact that our family and friends are nowhere in sight,
Kansas isn't that different from Idaho or Utah. 
 who knew?!

We are slowly but surely making friends and feeling more at home here.
During the week our evenings together are pretty short,
but we try to make sure we all get enough bonding time with Daddy.
This video is actually a good representation of what goes on around here:

On weekends we do our best to explore our new hometown.
Labor Day weekend was spent downtown at a REALLY cool parade:

I'm pretty sure all they did was put a detour sign off the freeway to downtown KC,
because this parade consisted of a bunch of semi trucks.
funny huh?

We did get some cheers when the horse-mounted policemen rode in though.

After the parade we found the coolest place for lunch.
The outside of the restaurant looked like a train station

You ordered your food at a little phone at your table,
 and then your food is delivered by train on a railway above your head. 

It was a lot of fun for the experience. 
The food on the other hand, tasted like Mickey D's dollar menu.
I take that back... it wasn't even that good.

Afterwards we spent the afternoon window shopping at the Plaza downtown.
It really was a super fun place to visit. 

The rest of our weekends since moving here were spent at farmers markets, the petting zoo, and
Civil War battle reanactments, and a general exploring of our surroundings.

This past weekend we drove down to Oklahoma to see Chase's family and had tons of fun! 
Lots of pics to come!
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