Wednesday, October 19, 2011

18 weeks

Pregnancy is fun.
I probably wouldn't have said that between weeks 8 and 14.
and I'm pretty sure I won't proclaim it on a (semi) public forum between weeks 36-40...
However right now, I can honestly say:
I love being pregnant!

18 weeks

Most of the queasiness is gone.
I finally have a bit more energy.
I've got a baby bump, but I'm not huge and uncomfortable yet.
Even the heartburn hasn't hit full force.

Not only that,
but I have been feeling the little tyke swim around for a few weeks now.
Chase even got to feel a little kick.
We both loved it!

Besides giving birth and meeting the baby,
by far the best part of pregnancy is that ultrasound when you find out the gender.
With Beck, the ultrasound technician took his time in telling us the sex.
He kept pointing out different body parts and finally announced our boy.

This time the technician didn't waste any time. 
She had barely slabbed the jelly on my belly before she said
"Look at that, its a BOY!!"
It happened so fast we were both taken aback.
I even said, Wait, Really??
Chase said "Are you sure?"

But there it was on that screen, loud and clear.
The surprise was short lived and we quickly exclaimed our excitement.
I have to tell you,
in the 3-4 days before our ultrasound,
 Chase and I had totally convinced ourselves that we were having a girl.
The surprise of  being wrong made the ultrasound so exciting!

I love how his whole body is rolled up like that.  He is so cute already!

I can't wait to see Beck as an older brother.
I can just picture my two boys throwing rocks,
playing army guys,
and of course shooting hoops and throwing balls to at each other.

People keep telling me that I have a wild couple of years ahead.
I am sure they are right,
and I can't wait!!!!

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Leah Marie said...

I would be completely ok with one of your little boys marrying our little girl:) haha not too early to think WAY ahead. Congrats Leah! And I agree with you. Pregnancy right now is so fun. I have no idea what I'm getting myself into when it comes to the last month or so:)

Jared & Kelsey said...

That is so exciting! You look darling!!

Lindsey said...

congrats! i'm so excited for you! i'm sure they will be the best buds!

Taryn said...

You are tiny still! I think I was already much bigger than that at 18 weeks this time around :) I am excited for you guys to have another little boy! Beck is so cute and sweet that you obviously seem to know how to do the boy thing very well. And while your next few years might be full of crazy boys mine is going to be full of dramatic girls and I am not sure which is better or worse :) Oh and weeks 36-40, yes just as uncomfortable as you somewhat remember!!!

sjenkins said...

So excited for you, Leah! Two darling little boys...and two great parents...what could be better? Wish we were all closer to share in the excitement...but thanks for keeping us updated on your blog! Lastly- love the very real looking lizard in the picture of you and Beck :) Boys!

Jordan and Jenny Singleton said...

Leah! What awesome news!! Beck is proof that you guys make handsome little boys - so I'm sure this next baby will be another stud like his big brother! It's been way too long since we've seen you guys. We sure miss you. It's good to see everyone's faces (even if it's just in blogland). We've got a baby sister coming in less than six weeks... crazy. I know what you mean about the excitement of being wrong with the ultrasound; Jordan and I thought Jude was for sure a girl. It was a fun surprise. ( : I've been thinking about you and I'll call soon so we can do some much-needed catching up, okay? Love you guys so much!