Sunday, October 9, 2011

toughening him up

Step One:
Let him eat chips

Step 2:
When he whines and begs for a dip in the spicy salsa,
warn him.

Step Three:
laugh as he panics,
 and waves his arms around pointing to his burning tongue
yelling "hah hahh hahh" (hot! hot! hot!)

Before you judge us as mean parents, know that these pictures were on the 8th chip dip. 
He reacted this way every time, but then wanted to do it again right away. 
It really was the funniest thing. 
And don't worry, the salsa wasn't that hot.

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Taryn said...

Oh don't worry, we let Stella pretty much have her own cup of salsa whenever we go out to Mexican restaraunts. She LOVES the stuff. Kids just can't pass up the opportunity to dip anything in anything!

The Millers said...

Yes kids are all about dipping. Brielle mostly dips and licks, I'm not sure how much she ever eats of the chip! Love the pics, so funny.