Friday, November 4, 2011

Just our luck

I came across this quote on Pinterest early this week:

Those words definitely influenced my attitude this week.

Tuesday 9:00 pm:   
Chase blows a tire a block away from our house. 
Decides to change it the next morning when its light.

Wednesday 7:00 am
Successfully changed spare tire.
Realizes that the car battery is dead.
Beck and I drive down to jump his car.
4 new tires later:  $400

Thursday 1:00 pm
Chase makes a short work visit in a hospital and comes out to another dead battery
New car battery:  $115

Thursday 7:00 pm
Chase accidentally leaves his car keys in the office as he leaves for the night.
The office doors automatically lock and he can't get back in.
Beck and I drive 15 minutes there and back to his office to pick him up well as 15 minutes there and back to take him to work Friday morning
Super fun car stuff.

Pretty stinky luck my man had this week huh?
Yeah the money (that we don't really have to spare) stinks the worst.
He could have dangerously  blown his tire on the freeway, since he is on it all day long.
Instead he was on a side road only a mile from our house.

When his battery died for the second time,
He could have been stuck in the hospital parking lot all day
waiting for one of the cars parked next to him to return. 
Even if I had driven the 40 minutes to jump his car,
I couldn't have done it because his car was pinned between two others.
Instead, the woman next to him returned within 10 minutes and helped jump his car.
He drove straight to a auto parts store to determine if the problem was the alternator or the battery.
alternator would have cost $400-$1000. 
Instead, it was just the battery. MUCH CHEAPER!
So really, life happens and it is sometimes expensive,
but I am so glad Heavenly Father was watching out for us this week.

Here is the quote I am going to keep in mind for this next week ;)

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