Tuesday, November 8, 2011

What I love...

...about my 20 month old!!!

I know that it seems like this at every age, but really,
Beck is at such a fun age right now.

Here are some of the things I want to always remember about my Beck at this age:

He is so interactive and aware of what is going on.
I love that he can understand so much and communicate what he wants.

He is very polite and always says "Peease" and "Daant Toooooo"
He does get a little mixed up though and says "Thank you" when he gives you something too.

He really loves his dog, Penny.
Whenever we leave the house without her he reminds me over and over
to make sure I didn't forget about her.
"Ptthh, Pthhh, Pthhhh," (picture someone blowing a raspberry, that is how he says her name)
 When we are outside letting Penny go potty he repeats after me every time I yell her name.
That is the only time he calls her "Penny" instead of "Pttthh"

I love my time in the mornings with Beck. 
Sometimes when I am just not quite ready to get out of my warm bed,
I bring Beck in and we watch a few minutes of a movie.
His favorite has always been Finding Nemo or as he calls it, "Mahmo"
but recently he LOVES Tangled.
I can get him to laugh any time of the day if I pretend I'm the mean mom and say
"YOU are not leaving this tower EVAHHHH!"
For a few weeks now he has been obsessed with Crayola Markers.
He doesn't even care about coloring with them. 
He just likes to hold them, take the lid on and off, and put them in and out of their box.
That is, until recently.
The other day there was a stray marker in his car seat.
I didn't notice that he was being extra quiet on the drive home
until I turned around and saw the damage:

No matter what we do, Beck is STILL obsessed with Penny's dog food. 
whether he dumps it all into her water dish,
takes out a few pieces to try to force feed her,
or delights in a doggy snack himself,
he never grows tired of sneaking off to find it.

Beck really enjoys going to sleep.
He will often stop playing and come lay his head on my shoulder
telling me its naptime,
or I'll be reading a book before I lay him down and he closes it and points to his crib.
He has always been a very loving, cuddly boy and we LOVE it.
It is still Daddy's job to put him down at night,
and even though Beck is a momma's boy in most ways,
he LOVES that snuggle/read and singing time with Daddy
and prefers Daddy over Momma at bedtime.

Beck is learning his colors!
It is one of his favorite things to point to various objects and tell me what color they are.
He gets it right every single time.
...that is, if you consider everything a shade of "Booooooooo"
It really is the cutest thing though,
he says it so emphatically like he is saying the right color.
He'll point out every color in the rainbow and say "Boooo" with a different tone and proudest smile.
You know the three-pronged cord that goes from your DVD player to your TV?
Well Beck will pull those out and put them back in 20 times every day.
He ALWAYS puts the right color in the right slot.
but of course if you ask him what color it is, he'll answer:

He also loves to count.
This means pointing to each object and saying "Two, two, two, two"
I guess his lucky number and favorite color are obvious?

We have these two flying monkeys that you can shoot like a rubber band
 and it does a monkey scream as it soars across the room.
Beck is totally scared of the monkey.
Any time he sees one he runs to give me or Chase a hug.
If there is a particular drawer or cabinet that we don't want him
 getting into we can put the monkey on the handle and he won't go near it.

The last few days he has been super attached to his bunny stuffed animal that he got last Easter.
He carries it everywhere, and gives it lots of hugs and kisses.
He also makes sure his other toys give Bunny kisses too.
I hope that is a sign of his love for baby brother on the way!

Beck also plays pretend a lot. 
He is always feeding his bunny,
and even says "mmmmm"
or makes a gulping noise when the bunny is drinking.

He has the "ching ching ching" sound effects of swords down,
as well as the grunts when he and daddy play with their army men.
He is pretty good with his animal noises.
There is something so cute about a young toddler's animals sounds.
His lion and bear growl is very sweet, almost a whisper.
His dog noise went from "woowoowoowhoo" (like a big dog's bark"
to "FahFahFah" (his version of "ruff ruff  ruff")

As I write this out I hope I can remember what he actually sounded like at this age. 
His noises and new words are so adorable, and often hilarious.
He jabbers all day long. 
I will ask him a simple question and he launches into a 20 second response
that has all the correct tones and fluctuations of English, but it makes absolutely no sense.
If I can catch it on video I will post it.
We are just so in  love with our Beckster boy.

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Jared & Kelsey said...

Beck is SO DARLING! I can't believe how big he is now! I hope all is going well with you guys

The Pretty Life Anonymous said...

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kami said...

He is seriously so beautiful!