Thursday, November 17, 2011

A little awkward. But mostly awesome.

House is clean,
Beck is napping.
Facebook is overchecked. Blogs aren't updated. 
What is a girl to do?

Random things:

1.  This girl needs some chocolate. Make it dark. Make it European.  Please. 
(FYI.  Chase should have warned me that Kansas City does not carry my Lindor dark chocolate truffles BEFORE I agreed to this move.  ;)

2. Yesterday I had JUST gotten out of the shower when the maintenence guy rang the doorbell. 
I was in the middle of diapering a nakee Beck wearing a robe.
...Its awkward how long he had to wait for me to open the door. 
...Its awkward that I had to answer the door in thrown on pj's and wet hair, at 2:00 in the afternoon

3.  Michael Buble Christmas CD.

4.  Thanksgiving with family in Oklahoma next week!!!!!

5.  Then I head to Atlanta for some sister time and the boy cousins get to play!

6.  The two beautiful cardinals that hang out in the tree right outside my window.
Reminds me of Virginia

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