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GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR....  I just spent a half hour writing this post and it is GONE! Thanks Blogger.  I really love you.  Here is my best (time and effort willing) re-creation of the post:

We're just pluggin' away over here in Kansas, or as I like to call it:  Central America.  It is in the dead center of the United States after all  ;)  Life is good, Chase is working hard, Beck is growing up before our eyes, and I am doing my best to be a mommy and grow another baby.  Here are some updates:

This baby is a mover, and he likes to pretend he wants to come out.  Luckily though, we have really great friends who ran right over late on a Saturday night so we could get checked out at the hospital.  Thank goodness, it was a false alarm.  You tricky baby!   I.  I definitely wasn't this sleepy and low-energy as I was with Beck's pregnancy.  It could be due to my low iron levels.  Either way, after the little preterm labor scare Saturday night Chase insisted I was on bed rest on Sunday and it must have done the trick. This week I have felt much much better. 

When that urge hits, it really does hit doesn't it?  I have started with our apartment-making it feel more like a home than a place with a bunch of furniture in it.  I also have successfully found a hidden spot for everything!  No more boxes in the corner of our bedroom!  wahoo!  I really love dejunking!  Next task is the boys' room.  That will be tricky since we will most likely only be in this place until August.

Fantastic news!! Both of my sister's are pregnant!!! Wahoo!!  Tiffini is due at the end of July and Kaela is just two weeks later.   Kaela and Garrett are going to be the most darling first time parents.  Tiffini and John will have their hands full with a 14 month old when their little girl arrives, but if anyone could handle it, its them ;)  Both kids are lucky to come to such great parents!!  It is so much fun to be sharing this pregnancy with them-it makes my pregnancy that much more fun because I know my sisters are/will be going through the same things as me. It is a huge shame that we won't be able to get a picture of the three Enzler baby bumps.  Unless they secretly are planning a trip out to visit me in the next month?!  si? 

Earlier this month Beck and I took a trip out to Boise to see my family.  It had been WAAAY too long since I had been back to Boise.  It made this preggo momma tear up to see how excited Beck got when he saw his Mimi and Papa at the airport.  He practically dove out of his stroller and into their arms.  I consider it a blessing that Beck knows and loves them so much even though he can't see them on a regular basis.  Kyle and Jade (and their girls) live there again, and Tiffini and Colston flew in too so all the cousins got to play all week.  Because of the kiddos, it is getting harder and harder to plan grand adventures like we used to, but honestly my goal of spending time with my family and letting the cousins bond was fully met. I know I have said this before, but I really want my kids to have a good relationship with all of his cousins growing up.  Chase and I have the best memories as kids with our cousins and we want that for our children too.  I just loved getting to spend time with (half) of my family, and of course, we greatly missed Kaela and Garrett, Matt and Dara, and Brian and Thip. 

Even with a toddler and my nesting ambitions, I have been kind of bored.  I really need some hobbies.  Crafting appeals to me, but it is sort of overwhelming for some reason.  ...and really, since I don't have a very big stash of supplies, it is kind of expensive because I will have to buy every single tool and supply for the craft.  So then my practical mind convinces me not to do it.  I can think of some fun sewing projects, but alas, I have no sewing machine, and don't really know how to sew either.  ha!  So, I'm up for suggestions!  What should my new hobby be?!

alright this post is getting a bit long-winded so I better just stop there. 
Peace and love.

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