Tuesday, January 31, 2012

not to get sappy or anything,

...but I'm going to get a little sappy.
As I was putting my sweet little boy down for bed tonight
reading his favorite farm book
and singing and reading "I'll love you forever"
while rubbing his oh so soft belly on my lap,
My mind suddenly went back to the hospital the day he was born.

the moment Chase snapped this very special moment
It was hours after he was born,
visitors had come and gone,
and we were left with a new momma and daddy
and the sweetest little angel, fresh from heaven.
Beck had just eaten, was warm, and our eyes were locked on eachother.
I stroked his tummy and and he just stared into my eyes.

Tonight his belly was just as soft as the day he was born.
It felt the same, only my baby wasn't quite so tiny anymore
I had to fight the tears as I experienced this moment again tonight.
My little baby is almost two,
and won't be my ONLY baby for very much longer.
I hope Beck knows that no matter how many babies I have after him,
I will love him forever, just as much as the day he was born.

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Taryn said...

I know just how you feel, Leah. Those last few weeks when you know life is not only going to change so much for you, but also you baby are emotional ones! I promise your love will just grow stronger for Beck and somehow your heart will grow to love little brother just as much! I think I tear up more frequently now when I look at my girls together then ever before :)

jalene said...

awww so sweet. :)

Jonny-Liz said...

Your blog is so cute! You should come over and give me a tutorial sometime :)

mariner57 said...

Sweet post Leah. I like to check your blog every once in a while to catch up. :) -Matthew