Monday, January 2, 2012

Its the most wonderful time of the year

Every single time I hear that song at Christmas I think of my Dad.
We used to sing it over and over again in the car-
 making up silly words of our own about what this time of year meant for our family. 

Its true though, whether you are near family, or missing them from afar,
it really is the most wonderful time of the year.

This year we may have gotten a late start, but we tried our best to celebrate the season to the fullest.
Starting in November I had Pandora Christmas Stations on pretty much all the time. 
Our Family Home Evenings were spent singing Christmas songs and reading to Beck about baby Jesus.
We baked and frosted Christmas cookies
(RARE occasion for me-I pretty much had to buy all the ingredients,
 including a rolling pin-because I seriously never bake)

not to worry, this was gingerbread scented play dough...
none of our neighbors had to eat "toddler-rolled" cookies ;)

We visted Christmas trains, Santa, and spent lots of time with friends

Beck also had his first encounter with Santa-age 22 months. 
He loved it.
...and by looking at Santa's eyes,
you can tell he loved it too.

Just before the special day itself, we headed down to Oklahoma to see the Taylors.
I got lots of pictures of this trip,
but somehow they pretty much all ended up being on Christmas morning wearing PJ's. 
...super flattering of everyone.
So flattering that I won't make you feel bad about how much better
we look than you first thing in the morning by posting them.

The lack of pictures doesn't reflect on how wonderful the trip was though!
The highlights were watching Beck interact with his Grandparents and Aunt and Uncles,
experiencing the magic of Christmas for a toddler,
and our fabulous fondue' Christmas eve dinner.
I think my favorite part was the Christmas Eve devotional with the family.
We each shared our testimonies of Christ and the truthfulness of the Book of Mormon,
and sang Christmas songs together. 
It really is the most wonderful time of the year. 
It is a perfect reminder of the humble beginnings of our Savior,
Jesus Christ and all that he did/does for us.

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The Millers said...

I think it is funny how Santa really is pretty stressful for little kids. We got Brielle to sit on his lap but only after she saw like 12 kids do it so she realized she would survive. Looks like you had a good Christmas!