Wednesday, December 14, 2011


The hardest part (by far) about living in Kansas City is that we don't have any family nearby.
We really like it here, have made lots of friends to keep us busy,
but there is something to be said about cousins growing up together.
If we can't live near our kids' cousins now,
the next best thing is getting to visit eachother lots.

After Thanksgiving I got to go to Atlanta to visit Tiffini (my older sister),
her husband John and baby Colston.

Like last time, and the time before,
we ate some amazing food,
had lots of great sister chats
made fun of eachother's baby talking voice,
and Mommy singing voices-
picture 6 year old girl's high pitched voices...thats us.
But unlike the times before,
we now have two busy babies that gave us a reality check.
having two kids will be tough!
That Colston though,
he has a smile that will melt your heart right to pieces. 
I can't get enough of that nephew of mine.

Even though we had about a 5 hour stretch in the middle of the day
where one or both of the kids should have been napping,
we still managed to get out and have lots of fun.
shopping, playing at parks, cooking, facials, and lots of baby entertaining.

Cousin bathtime!!

My Dad was also able to come for the last day that Beck and I were in Atlanta.
It has been waaaaay too long since Beck has seen his Papa. 

I was so happy that he could make this trip work, even if it was short.
I hope it isn't long before I get to see him again.

Tiffini and I realized these trips are only going to get harder as our kids get older and more come along.
I hope it isn't too long until we can do it again.
I really loved this sister time.
Thanks a bunch, T.


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Jalene said...

oh my heck! beck really doesn't look like a baby anymore next to colston! crazy! he looks like a full on little kid! he's growing up way too fast.