Saturday, March 3, 2012

A birthday tale told by Beck

"Why turning 2 is great"
by Beck James Taylor

On March 1, I turned "TWOOOO"
Momma and Daddy made the day extra special
but really, I'm pretty easy to please at this age.

When I woke up, they greeted me with my favorite thing in the world.
But then much to my surprise,
I walked out of my room and saw a room FULL of balloons!
I. was. in.  heaven.

When you are two, you have lots of energy.
So I spent the next fifteen minutes running and jumping and kicking those balloons.

Then it was time for presents!
Again, I am easy to please.

Mom and Dad know me so well and got me my other favorite thing.

After catching as many bubbles as I could in a five minute span,
I played with BALLOONS some more!

 But the fun didn't stop there,
race tracks, bikes...thats big boy fun!

I also got two more of my favorite books! 
My friends, I was beyond thrilled.

When you are two,
you have lots of opinions about what to eat.
and when it is your birthday,
your parents will give you crazy things for a 8:00 am snack.
My opinion today was that I reeeeally wanted a pickle!

and then of course,
I went back to doing typical two year old things:
like jumping.
Mom says she is either a really cool
or irresponsible mom for letting me jump straight to my bum from the couch. 
I'll admit I enjoyed it more once she put the pillows down for me.

By mid morning, I took my third stroll on my new bike. 
I love taking that helmet on and off too.

Don't be deceived by the seriousness of my face-
each ride is a joy.

After lunch and naps and balloons and lots more running and jumping,
Mom and I met up with some friends to enjoy our 70 degree sunny weather at the park.

There were lots of sticks to hunt, bridges to jump on, and of course,
I pointed out my favorite pieces of nature to mom. 
"moon!  rocks!   skicks!  leaf!  tees!  gass!  more skicks!  moon again!!"

You would think a two year old would be pooped and cranky after all this excitement.
Not so though, not for Beck.
My friend Buzz needed lots of help flying around the room today
so that kept me busy as well.

 FINALLY Daddy got home and we partied some more.
I knew exactly how to blow out the candles,
and warned mom and dad that it was "Hot Hot!"

 Mom's belly served me cake.
(speaking of which: they keep telling me that that belly is my baby brother,
but I've yet to see any actual babies)

I picked off each sprinkle, announced its color, and ate it individually. 
true story folks.

Even after all that excitement, I managed to skype with lots of people that I love,
read some books with Daddy,
momma came in for kisses and prayers,
and I cuddled with bunny all night long.
It was a great birthday. 
I think I'll stay two for awhile. 


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karly [plums and mustard] said...

he is so stinkin' adorable! i love that striped shirt! he's getting so big!

Taryn said...

Beck is so cute! Looks like he had the best birthday a 2 year old boy could have. He is totally ready to be a big brother! Not long now :)

Jodi said...

He looks different! Like he's getting older or something! What a sweet boy. I'm glad he had such a fun birthday. love you guys!

Kaela Frame said...

I can't believe how big he is! I remember when G and I drove up to SLC to see him a few hours after he was born. He has grown into quite the cute two year old!