Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Greyson Chase Taylor

We're bursting with joy over here.
Greyson Chase Taylor made his debut!

7 lb 13 oz 19 inches
1:00pm on the dot- March 19, 2012
Beck was born at 10:00am on the dot,
 so we think our kids like to be prompt and simple with their arrival times :)

Greyson surprised us with a nice head of DARK hair,
and of course, everyone says he looks just like his Daddy.

Everyone is happy and healthy.
Beck already loves his baby brother.
He was a little concerned when "baby stuck!" to mommy
aka...breastfeeding  haha!
But he is so excited and interested in "bebee"

The whole day has been so wonderful.

Proud new Daddy

Momma, as happy as can be! 
I can't wait to tell all about  bringing sweet Greyson into the world.

and of course, lots of pictures to come as well!

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kami said...

He is so perfect! I can't wait to hear his story. You look beautiful!

And I'm laughing at the "stuck" comment...how funny!

Kristin said...

congrats Leah! He is just beautiful! love the pictures you shared and I am so happy you guys are doing so well!! such a beautiful family!!

Rachel and Jason said...

He's just beautiful, Leah! You guys seriously have a great combination. Congrats! So glad he's healthy and happy and here.

Brittany said...

SOoo Happy for you Leah! He's gorgeous!

sjenkins said...

YAY!!!! He is darling and you look great! So happy for all of you. Can't wait to see more pictures!

Aaron and Elizabeth Jensen said...

He is super cute! It is so much fun to see your son he turn into a big brother. James adores Madie and will do anything for her. Beck will be a great big brother.

Jenny said...

Oh Leah!! Way to go, girl! Another beautiful baby boy. I agree, he does look like Chase - which is a good thing for sure! And with a gorgeous mama too, of course he is perfect. 2 kids is a wild ride... My advice is to just embrace your crazy, messy home (at least mine always is!) and enjoy those adorable kiddos and NAP whenever you get the chance! (: Love you guys! Take care!

Chelsi said...

Congrats! Congrats! We think he looks just like his Dad. Can't wait for more updates! Love you guys!

NI said...

Yeah!!! So cute!!

Olsen Family said...

Super congratulations! He is adorable. I hope you have a smooth recovery and easy transition to two little ones.

The Millers said...

he does look at a lot like Chase. Seeing what your kids look like is so fun. He is perfect! can't wait to see more pictures and hear his birth story. I guess Greyson and I are meant to be friends since we share a birthday!