Thursday, March 29, 2012

Welcoming Greyson

How in the world has it already been more than a week since baby Greyson's arrival?
the feelings and emotions of his birth are still on the forefront of my mind.

I tend to have an optimistic perspective on most things in life,
and I hope people know that I don't try to make things seem better than they are.
When I talk about how wonderful/fun/exciting something was, I really mean it.
The experience of giving birth to sweet Grey was no different.
Shortly after we held him in our arms for the first time I said to Chase:
"It feels like labor and birth shouldn't have been that easy"
It really was fun.
(Also, I am not trying to brag about how great the experience was,
but I want a record of it, and this is my best means of a journal right now)
Feel free to skip if you don't want to read all the itty bitty details that I am going to write.

My mom arrived on Saturday.
It took a day for Beck to really warm up to Mimi,
but he sure loves her. 
like really, he adores his Mimi.

Although I had been feeling pretty achy, uncomfortable, and tired,
the 2 days before birth I had this sudden burst of energy.
I think my mom thought I was lying when I complained on the phone to her the last few weeks
because I was a busy bee the whole weekend while she was here.

Sunday night, I felt a little bit guilty about having an elective induction.
I was worried that I was yanking him out of his home too early...
but I knew for Beck's sake,
the transition would be so much easier if he was at his own house
 with my Mom while we were at the hospital.

Monday morning. March 19.
hospital check in: 6:40 am
The nurse showed us to our delivery room, and it was freeeezing. 
It was only 60 degrees in the room. 
I mentioned that to the nurse and she ignored me.
Chase and I were excited, just a few nerves.
We both melted when we saw the little bassonet all set up for our baby.
Chase picked up the newborn gown to show me and the nurse snapped at him
"Your not allowed to touch that!"
It was actually kinda funny how rude she was.

When she left I told Chase he would have to request a new nurse if she was assigned to us.
Luckily she wasn't.
Destiny was our nurse, and she was wonderful.
7:45 am.
Destiny checked me and I was 2% dialated and my cervix was 50% effaced.
My nurse midwife, Jeanne Ward came in and broke my water.
I really can't believe there was THAT much water AND a baby in my stomach.

8:15 am
started small dose of Pitocin through an IV
Pitocin made me nervous
but I like that they start with a small dose and work up so that it simulates actual labor.
I didn't feel much at all until around 9:30am.
FYI, the hospital had THE BEST Lemon Italian Ice. 
I think I ate three during labor.

By 10:15 my contractions started getting uncomfortable.
They weren't bad at all,
but I wanted to make sure the anesthesiologist would be ready for my epidural if they got bad quickly.
Even though I was very calm and relaxed, I also started shivering. 
My nurse said it was the hormones.

I had an epidural with Beck's delivery,
but it was very late in the process,
and I was never convinced that it was fully effective.

Well now I have something to compare it to,
and this epidural kicked that epidural's butt!

For anyone who is nervous about the actual insertion of the epidural,
don't be!
I thought getting the IV inserted in my arm was worse.
It was pretty fast, and I only felt the quick shot to dumb the insertion area.

11:00 am
Dialated to a 4, 70% effaced.
I couldn't feel any contractions,
and my lower half started to feel tingly, although I could still move my legs.
Chase and I started watching "Tuck Everlasting"
I wasn't in any pain, and we were just hanging out and having fun.

11:35 am
dialted almost to a 5.
I still felt no pain,
although I could watch my monitor showing the contractions getting longer and closer together.
I even commented to Chase that I didn't even feel like I was in labor.
It was wonderful!!
My nurse made her bet that we'd deliver around 1:47 with how quickly I was progressing.

12:20 pm
Chase and I were just waiting.
...still felt no pain!

12:40 pm
Destiny checked the monitor that shows my contractions and baby's heart rate and announced that baby looked like he was ready to come!!
I cried happy tears a little when she said that. 
I didn't even feel like I was in labor and now I was minutes away from meeting my little babe!
She checked me and I was fully dialated and his head was "right there!"
wahoo!! Destiny went to get the midwife.

12:50 pm
We were all set and ready to push!
I had requested that we try very hard to not have any tearing or an episiotomy.
My midwife was completely onboard and was willing to do what it took to help me not tear at all.
I was afraid that because my epidural was working SO wonderfully
 I wouldn't be able to feel the urge to push like I had with Beck. 
I was so happy when I felt that pressure, and my body knew exactly what to do to push.

On the second push Greyson's head came out. 
This was the hitch in the experience.
I could see in the mirror that the cord was wrapped tightly around his neck and he was blue.
I heard Dr. Ward shout an order to the nurse, grab the scissors, and cut the cord before he was born.
I asked if he was ok, and no one said a word.
I asked a second time, and still-no answer.
That is when I got scared.
Dr. Ward looked at me straight in the eye and said,
"I'm sorry, we need to get your baby out now. 
One more push, get him here."
I pushed, Greyson was born.
1:00 pm on the dot.
He was totally purple, but they put him right on my chest. 
I just whispered, "breathe Greyson, come on baby, breathe."
but he just laid there, limp.

It was scary there for a minute.
After a few seconds with no breath, they took him to the exam table and started working.
The reason for my tears changed when I heard that first cry.
They immediately brought him back to me,
and i watched as he pinked rightup and started rooting around to nurse.

It was a scary 90 seconds,
but luckily it ended well and Greyson is as healthy as can be.
My sweet doctor apologized to me about 15 times for having to do an episiotomy, 
but we really just needed to get Greyson out ASAP.

Greyson nursed well right away,
and I loved that the nurses didn't even ask to take him to weigh and clean him up.
We got to just stare at eachother and bond for as long as we wanted.

Eventually we let them check him out and weigh him.
7 lb 13 oz! 19 inches
(Although his pediatrician remeasured a few days later and said 21 inches)
We were all surprised there was such a big baby in me!

 He seems anything but big though. 
We keep saying that it seems impossible that Beck was a whole pound smaller
because how could anything be tinier than this little guy?!

My mom and Beck came up to visit a few hours later.
Beck added to the sweetness of the day by being SUPER excited and sweet to his brother right away.

 He kept saying "Hi baybee" and kissing and hugging Greyson.

Mimi and Greyson meeting for the first time

The entire experience was such a sweet one. 
Greyson is a very calm, sweet baby.
We thought we were in for big trouble
 when he kept us awake ALL night the first night in the hospital.
Since then he has never had a night like that
and really only wakes up to eat, and then goes right back down.

The recovery and breastfeeding seem to be so much easier the second time around.
Although, my mom left last night so you'll probably get a more realistic answer about how we are doing after a couple days of being without my amazing mom helping out!

It was so wonderful to have her here, and I am just grateful that she was able to come and stay with us.
I think it helped Beck's transition a lot because of all the extra attention from Mimi.

Words truly can't express the joy that we feel adding this little angel to our family.

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Madills said...

So glad everything ended well!! He is so sweet!! Congrats!!

Taryn said...

Sounds like a beautiful experience! It is good to hear an induction story that is so positive and went so smooth. I agree, I can't believe he was so "big". You were so, so tiny! I'm just so excited for you guys. Having two sweet babies is just so much fun!

Curtis & Co. said...

I am bawling like a baby here at work- thank you for sharing your experiences!!! And Congratulations!!!

Grandma said...

What a beautiful family. Thanks for sharing Greyson's birth with us. We love him so much--what a blessing! See you soon.

sjenkins said...

I am so glad it was such a wonderful experience! Thank you for sharing this...I am so happy for your family!

Natalie and Tyler said...

Congratulations! I'm lad I'm not the only weirdo that thinks labor is actually fun :) You have a beautiful family! We miss you guys!

Devilyn said...

Hi Leah! I am so excited for your new addition. The part about him being purple had me in tears although I knew it all ended okay. Must be my own pregnancy hormones! Just helps me realize how fragile life is. Glad all is well with you guys!

Megan Jacobsen said...

how fun! you are so cute leah and what a beautiful family!

Chelsi said...

Such a sweet story! Love you guys!

kami said...

Leah I am sooo happy for you!! What a beautiful story, beautiful family, and beautiful baby!!! Soak in that newborn smell for me! xoxo

Jenny said...

It's always such a miracle! So glad all went well for you, Leah. I've decided that you're the type of person where it seems like everything goes perfectly for you... but I think it's just that your perspective is perfect! So optimistic. Just one of the many things I miss about you, my dear friend! Greyson is a beautiful boy. Love from us!

whit939watts said...

leah, baby greyson is handsome! i'm glad to hear about your positive experiences because i'm getting ready to have our little boy and all i hear are horror stories. i'm so happy it went so well. hope you guys are doing well!