Monday, April 9, 2012


The beautiful images in this post are taken by the fabulous Jalene!!
Baby Grey is three weeks old today and I have those familiar feelings of:
"Where did my newborn go?!"
This little tyke is growing like a weed.
His body is getting less and less curled up like a frog
and more and more baby-like chunk.

The last three weeks have been a complete whirlwind.
My mom was here for a week after Greyson was born,
a few days later Chase's Mom, Lincoln, and Jalene came into town for another week.
This having two kids thing is a breeze...
...that is when you have constant entertainment for Beck,
meals prepared, cleaned house, someone telling you to go take a nap, and wonderful company!
Beck absolutely loved all the attention,
and I think it helped ease the transition to big brother a lot.

I fight back tears as I think of the special time it was to have them all here.
They not only left Beck officially tired out, the kitchen fully stocked, 
 Greyson good and cuddled, and a clean house,
but they left Chase and I filled with gratitude for having such wonderful family members.
Beck adores his Mimi and Grandma. 
He has been asking for them since they left.
Lincoln and Jalene are the best sports.
They never tired of chasing Beck around the playground or going outside to blow bubbles for the third time that day. He sure loves his Aunt and Uncle. 
Thanks Mom, Mom Taylor, Lincoln, and Jalene,
come back soon!!!

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jalene said...

it was so much fun! miss you guys already!