Monday, April 9, 2012


The beautiful images in this post are taken by Jalene!!

It is a special thing to watch your child growing up.
You have all these philosophies on how to raise a happy, independent, well-adjusted child.
consistency, discipline techniques, lots of love and positive reinforcement...
and then they turn two.

and everything that seemed to be working so well suddenly doesn't.
Suddenly they are no longer a baby and they have their own  opinions about how their life should be.

They get lots more energy, more independent, and sillier.
They start speaking their little mind, and get frusterated when they can't have their way.
They want to help, and they follow you around all day.
Their capacity to understand, and love, and give grows a lot too.

(age) Two is busy, and trying, but also very fun.
Beck has taken the transition to big brother well.
He has risen to the occasion and suddenly his vocabulary has skyrocketed.

He loves his baby brother and never misses a chance to give big hugs and kisses.
For some reason he is fascinated with his head.

He is pretty gentle, but doesn't understand that laying on top of him doesn't qualify as "soft"

I don't dare leave Greyson on the floor or couch with Beck around yet-
for fear that Beck will march right up and decide that he needs to be relocated.

Side story:
 When Chase was two his mom caught him bouncing on top of a pillow on the couch,
with his brand new baby brother (Lincoln) underneath.   
I guess if Lincoln made it out alive, Greyson has a shot right?

I can already tell that they are going to be best buds though.
Greyson has been giving smiles since his first week,
but the first and biggest smile goes to none other than his big brother Beck.
amazingly, I was right there with the camera to capture the grin.

Beck loves to play pretend, he loves to run around and jump
He loves this game where I sing a song about running in circles,
or jumping, or crawling, and then yell "FREEZE!"

He is pretty good at following directions, esspecially if there is something in it for him ;)
Beck loves the outdoors and always finds special treasures
..sticks, rocks, leaves...

He has made no real attempt at counting or singing his ABC's,
but can identify all of his numbers and most of his letters.
He also is facinated with shapes and has picked up all of their names.
He loves to put two triangle blocks together to make a square. 
He also loves puzzles!

Ever since we started talking about baby Greyson coming home,
Beck has been infatuated with momma's and babies.
Now EVERYTHING that is little is a baby.
If he won't eat his sandwich, break off a bite and call it a baby sandwhich and he will eat it.
The other day while we were out with Grandma he saw this little lamb toy.
He still LOOOOVES bunnies and thought this lamb was a bunny.
He got so excited when he saw this "baby bunny" that once
 Grandma let him hold it there was no taking it away.
He has been carrying around his baby bunny for days.
I'm sure his original bunny is quite jealous

Beck also loves animals.
We went to the farm/petting zoo with Grandma and Jalene the other day and he was in heaven!
He loved the chicks, but the baby goats were his favorite!
Just like with Greyson, he is fully confident in his abilities and kept trying to pick them up.

Every night when Chase gets home from work
he and Beck still have their basketball practice

Those two are such buds, I love it.

I sure love my little boy.
Up until now, I have looked at him as my baby.
Now that he is a big brother I realize that he will be the oldest, and leader of the kids in our family.
He is so loving, I know he will be a great example to his siblings.

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Kristin said...

what amazing pictures and you do such a wonderful and beautiful job capturing and telling it all! just love this post and i love your cute little family!!

Olsen Family said...

Your kids are super cute. You, as always, look fabulous. Your pics make me want a newborn again. Perfectly precious.

Megan Jacobsen said...

So cute! Help us all as we have our two year olds!!

Matt and Carolyn said...

Pretty sure that your boys are the two sweetest boys I've EVER seen!! Great pics:)