Monday, April 30, 2012

Greyson is a month

Little Greyson is ONE {month}
Ok technically he is now 6 weeks, and in newborn time, that is sooo much older.
After Greyson's one month check up I guess I shouldn't be calling him "Little Greyson" anymore.
This kid gained almost 3 lb since he was born!  
and that doesn't account for the weight he gained after losing weight in the hospital.
Can I say my kid is a chunk?
At his one month appointment he weighed 10 lb 12 oz 75%
Height: 22 in 60%
Head circumfrence: 15" 50%

Ok. By the looks of him he isn't really chubby
but he is growing SO fast!
He really doesn't look like a newborn anymore.
As I'm skimming through pictures to post, 
most of them seem too outdated to post because he looks so different already.

Life around these parts has been pretty uneventful.
Two kids is definitely busier than one, 
and I find myself talking myself out of running errands most days
because the hassle of loading up both kids and lugging them into a store seems too ambitious.
I have found that I really enjoy the solitude of my late-night grocery runs.

Greyson is a pretty typical six week old.
He is still eating every 2-3 hours
(even at night)
although we're hoping that starts to spread out soon.
He naps a lot, but is usually awake for awhile after he eats during the day.
He is full of smiles
and if you break eye contact with him he will grunt and coo to get you to look back
and then erupt back into a smile when you do.

 In the afternoons he gets a bit fussy after feedings. 
I think it is a bit of gas.
But oh my...look at that pout!

We find that tummy time does wonders for it though.
 He loves being on his tummy.
He has a really strong neck and can hold it up as long as he needs to.

 Part of me expected Beck to suddenly lose interest in Greyson and 
stop rushing over to give him hugs and kisses 50 times a day.
This isn't the case though, and I am so glad.
He really, truly loves his baby brother.
I am happy to announce that he HAS eased up a bit on the poking and prodding though
and usually can give a quick hug and kiss and be on his way.
Up until yesterday Beck calls Greyson "Baby", even when we asked what his name is.
He has now decided that he can say his name though and says "Hi Greyson" over and over again, 
instead of "Hi Baby". (although it sounds more like "Seyson")

Greyson is just as interested in Beck as ever and won't take his eyes off of him when he is around.
I have a feeling these boys will be building forts and playing horsey in no time.

Greyson is a joy.
His smile is so bright.

He sleeps fine at night, but he is a very restless sleeper during naps.
...unless you are holding him that is.

Baby Grey,
It feels like you were born yesterday, 
although you fit into our family like you've been here all along.
Keep smiling baby boy, 
Love, Momma

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kami said...

Awwwwwwwww he's sooo cute!! I love late night grocery runs fact, just got back from one!

Nolan Taylor said...

I sure love my grandsons! I wish I could build forts and play horsey with them! Love, Grandpa

Jenn said...

They are adorable! Whenever Carter said Cameron at first it came out as "Sameron" its so cute and we were sad when he switched to Cameron. Soon they will be running around together and keeping each other up at night yelling and playing together. Oh how fun it is! Wish our boys were closer to be buddy's.

Whit said...

he's so cute leah! i hope you're doing well.

jalene said...

these pictures are ADORABLE! made me tear up a little bit. can't wait to see these boys again in a month.

Carolyn said...

Oh my word, Leah, I'm almost in tears your boys are so beautiful! Glad to see you're doing so well!