Thursday, April 19, 2012

Don't worry

Don't worry.  This is what my house looks like right now.
Believe it or not, those clothes were in fact folded laundry piles this morning...
The boys and I just got back from driving around for an hour 
trying to make our way to the correct freeway to take us to the Kansas City Temple open house.
It should have taken about 40 minutes to get there
but instead I found myself still 30 minutes away after taking wrong turn after wrong turn for an hour.
At that point I assessed the damage:
3 crying people,
and a husband waiting at the temple, but needing to get back to work-
So we made our way back home.
I'm not sure if I'll ever leave the house with two kids again.
at least not during nap and lunchtime ;)

A half hour later, we were home in one piece
two kids are napping,
and I got a very sweet phone call that cheered me right up.
perfect timing to hear that I am loved.

and now I think I'll take this short window of opportunity to take a snooze.

morning snuggles, Tuesday April 17th.  

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Taryn said...

Hang in there, mama! Some days are just like that :) Hope you can find a good groove soon. As for the house being a mess, well I've come to accept that one as a fact of life these days! Hope those two sweet boys are doing well!

jalene said...

oh no! i'm sorry you got lost. :(

that picture of beck kills me... he's like, "i wasn't doing anything! promise!" haha

Kristin said...

oh i am so sorry you got lost! those trips are never fun but that picture is just precious!! hope you are doing well and if you need anything just let me know!! :)