Saturday, April 14, 2012

Our little Grey

More beautiful pictures by Jalene, although the beautiful child is provided by me ;)

This little angel has blessed our lives for almost 4 weeks now.
Seriously, where does time go?

Little Greyson is so wonderful to have around.
I remember reading on a friend's blog 
that her second baby just fit into the family so well and they hardly remember life before her.
I feel the same way. 
and really, newborns seem so much easier compared to a two year old!

The most difficult part so far has been making sure that big brother doesn't smother him to death with love.
I still can't set Greyson down unattended because 
Beck will drop whatever he is doing to give loves to Greyson.
"Hi baby"
"Oh baby" (in a sing-songy voice)
all while hugging, and kissing, and holding his head.
Then comes the whines from Grey.
"Baby sad?!"
"Baby crying!"
and the attempts to pick him up or shove a binky into his mouth.

Of course, 
its a delicate balance because we don't want to discourage him from showing love for his brother,
but want the poor baby to get some undisturbed rest every now and then :) 

(Greyson's eyes say it all don't they?)

I am so glad Beck loves his brother
but we are hoping his "enthusiasm" starts to wain a touch in the near future.

As far as temperament goes, Greyson is a pretty mellow kid
He eats every 2 1/2 to 3 hours but is a speedy nurser, which I love.
He has just started getting a little bit gassy and spit-uppy after feedings, 
but as long as we burp him well it doesn't bother him much.

We are getting more and more smiles out of him each week.
Last night Chase and I were talking to him while he was sleeping.
I told him his momma loved him and a huge smile erupted in his sleep.

We laughed and then Chase added that he loved him too
and once again, another huge sleepy grin.

Although most wouldn't consider him to be "chubby" 
he is so much chubbier than Beck as a newborn so we love to pinch his little rolls.

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Although he is bigger than Beck was as as newborn, 
his hands and feet are itty bitty compared to Beck's

He has the same little swirly callic that Chase and Beck do on the back of their head.

Little Greyson loves to snuggle
He likes a binky but could live without it.
He still sleeps a lot but we are getting more and more periods of awake time during the day.
He loves to be swaddled, 
and will calm instantly with the sound of Chase's voice or my soft "shhhh" sound in his ear.

He is still fitting in most of his newborn stuff and a few 0-3 month clothes as well.

 We've been working on the sleep, eat, play routine
He is a total milk dud after eating and we have a hard time waking him up enough to play after nursing.
The only thing that will definitely get him up (and angry) every time is changing his diaper. 
He still hates that, but I don't really blame him.

We are just so in love with our two boys.  
Watching your oldest become a big brother strengthens your love to levels you didn't realize were possible.
and then adding another babe to the family just expands your heart that much more.
Its amazing how much you can love a little creature before they've even shown you who they are inside.
Greyson is just so precious. 
I can't wait to see what the world has in store for him.
He fits into our family so perfectly already.
We are happy in the Taylor household today.

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Whit said...

your family is so cute, leah! i love, love that photo of beck and little greyson! hope all is going well.

Jenny said...

These pics are so precious, Leah. But then you guys are like a MODEL family, so that helps! ( : Miss you guys so much... Wish I could meet Greyson in person! Love you, girl.

kami said...

He's so beautiful Leah!! It's amazing how quickly you forget the tiny newborn stage (he makes Olive seem so old!). I'm so happy you're so happy!! xoxo

Olsen Family said...

The messy house pic is so relatable. I'm having a hard time keeping on top of things with two little tornadoes underfoot. I'm sorry you missed the open house. Did you get to go back another time? Greyson is adorable. Maybe it's the mom in me, or maybe it's just that it's been a tough week, but I got teary eyed seeing your little guy. Newborns are fabulous aren't they?