Monday, May 7, 2012

The dash of the warriors

Saturday, Cinco de Mayo 2012.
Chase became a warrior per the "WARRIOR DASH"
ever heard of it?
Picture 87 Degrees, high humidity
Picture THOUSANDS of people
some dressed as Spartan warriors, superheros, ballerinas, 
and some wearing nothing but whitey tighty's...
picture lots of beards and hairy men
As a matter of fact, the instructions say that clean shaven faces are highly discouraged.

Its a 5k race through hilly land
with 14 obstacles throughout the course.

rope climbs, jumping over fire pits, swimming through lakes
army crawling under barbed wire
mud pits, etc. 

It is pretty hardcore.
Our fellow Aggies out here in Kansas joined us for this day of fun.
Good thing too because there is no way I would have survived 
by myself and the two boys in that sweltering heat without Liz's company.
We are so happy to have their friendship

Jonny and Chase were good training buddies too.

Liz and Jonny Wilson
Chase and Jonny competed like true warriors!
They started out with crisp white uniforms

and as the race progressed they got gradually dirtier and dirtier

By the time they finished they were caked in mud and had to be sprayed down with a fire hose.

Unfortunately spectators can only watch the very end of the race and a couple of the obstacles.
Their white uniforms made it easy to spot them though!
I was so proud of Chase as he crossed that finish line.
Our warriors looked tired, but said it was tons of fun.

Next year, I hope to become a warrior myself! Who's in?!!!

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Boonie and Jenn said...

That looks awesome! We might try the mud run here this year :) Oh and Leah you look AMAZING! Can't believe you just had a baby.

Megan Jacobsen said...

Ummm, you look way to good for having 2 kids!

Cami @ All Things Lovely said...

I loved your comment! Oh man I wish I had a good answer to modest summer clothes. I struggle with it right along with you!! I hate layering because we already have on so many layers, but everything summer-ish is tank top or too short so you have to layer! I look awful in capri's.
I have no idea friend! I'm just throwing in the towel and I'm planning on Maxi's and skirts i guess?! If you find something cute let me know! :)