Thursday, May 31, 2012

Its the little things

Its the little things that bring me the most happiness.
Its walks in afternoon sun holding my husband's hand

Its in my two year old's zest for life

Its in his love of experimenting and learning what happens when he does this or that

Its in the gummy grins of my newborn
Its in the late night snuggles with my hubby
Its taking a nap and opening my eyes to this sight:

Its watching him gain self esteem

Its the fact that my lap is ever occupied

Its in fresh summery meals

Its in those quiet moments
when the babes are sleeping peacefully

Its in the giggles and screaches of excitment
its in the homefromwork greetings

Its in the self styled outfits

It comes from sweet babies, needing me

and walks in the warm summer air.

Its in those chubby cheeks!!

and in the memories we're creating

Its in having the best dad for my kiddos

and its in recognizing every day
(and thanking God)
 that I have been blessed with way more than enough to keep me happy for eternity.

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Megan Jacobsen said...

Said wonderfully! Beautiful family.

Ioana-Carmen said...

hi dear! Just found your lovely blog:) what do you say about following each other?