Thursday, June 7, 2012

Papa comes to Kansas!

On Wednesday night my Dad gave me word that he was doing a job 8 hours away in Arkansas
and was going to drive up to see us for a day!  
Most people would think driving 8 hours here and 8 hours back would be too long 
for just over 24 hour visit
but my Dad jumped on the chance since it meant seeing two of his grandsons.

He was finally able to meet little Greyson
and always had him in his arms if they weren't already occupied by a two year old monkey.
Beck didn't skip a beat with Papa, 
it was like he had been playing with him just yesterday.
Beck loved all of Papa's little games
and laughed so hard at his Donald Duck voice. 

He got here on Friday night, just enough time for Pizza, catching up, bedtime stories, 
and watching the NBA playoffs-
although I did startle awake at 10:00 pm and realized Chase, Dad and I were all konked out.
oldy olds I tell ya!
Saturday morning we headed to Antioch Park for a Gavin's birthday party.
It was a perfect party for two year olds.  
Water balloons, squirt guns, awesome playgrounds, and a duck pond with gigantic turtles.
We even got a special visit from a fire truck!
All the kids at the park had a blast climbing all over and inside.

Despite Beck's expression, he actually LOVED the fire truck
He was just too busy admiring it and saying 
"Wooooo Woooo" to pose and smile

After the park, literally 6 minutes after we got in the car to leave
Dad and the boys were both sound asleep.
Chase and I just laughed.

Saturday afternoon we all got a good nap in, 
and then played at the pool before getting some delicious Italian dinner and dessert.

Late Sunday morning he made the trek to Texas.
It was a short trip but very sweet.
We can't wait to see you again soon Papa!
We love you!!

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Leah said...

Hi! I saw your name on IG and had to find your blog! I'm Lovely Life of Leah... sooo close to Life Loves Leah, right?! Just from scrolling around your blog a little I'm so excited to follow you! Your family is gorgeous and your super healthy food is awesome!

Leah :)