Monday, July 9, 2012

We're all growing up

I love summer.
I love that the sun is out, the days are longer, and there is so much to do!

The Taylors have been working on some big stuff lately.
...stuff that has kept me occupied in my "spare" time
its pretty exciting around these parts for our little family.

One of which is that our little boys are just growing like crazy.
How about a quick update shall we?

Baby Greyson is 3.5 months old

 This kid is ALL SMILES.
He is such a social baby, always cooing and chatting and screeching happy noises.
Rhonda says Chase was just the same when he was a baby-
she never made it all the way through Relief Society because he was so happy and noisy 
People are always commenting on his big brown eyes.  
They haven't fully changed yet but you can tell they are going to be like his big brother's.  

He has such a bright personality that he is trying to show us everyday
He loves to be held, or kick on his playmat
Beck was always really hard to put down for naps, but not Greyson.
This baby starts to fuss
 and you have about a 90 second window to hurry and wrap him up and lay him down.  
If you don't follow his request, he tells you again, (much louder this time) and is not happy about it.
He likes his sleep, and when he's ready, he is READY.

I have always called him my little squeaker toy because when he gets the hiccoughs that is exactly what he sounds like.  He has always gotten them multiple times a day and he doesn't like it very much.
The only time Greyson takes a binky is when he is sleeping.  
He has recently found his two middle fingers though and although I'm not crazy about it, it sure is adorable.

Chase grabbed the camera the other day 
because he thought this moment was a good example of my life as a mommy:

             feeding Greyson, being a human  pony ride for Beck, and even Penny was in on the action. 
and of course, tents, toys and overturned basketball hoops strewn about.

I REALLY love my job, even if it sometimes feels like my whole existence is these babies.
My role as a mother brings me more happiness than any other experience in my lifetime.

and that brings me to Beck.

This little kid is full. of. energy.
He loves to explore cause and effect, aka, MAKE MESSES,
which means I am cleaning up after him a lot.
He went through a phase for about two weeks where he was OBSESSED with blowing raspberries and making bubbles with his mouth.
Lets just say it was a very frustrating phase that I was worried would never end.
I was literally cleaning up puddles and splatters of milk 15+ times a day.  
The worst was when he would spit it on the dog.
Luckily I could laugh about it then, but its definitely easier to laugh at now. 

Beck is a typical two year old,  
he has lots of energy to release and often gets bored in our little apartment.
Even running errands or going to the park weren't quite doing enough for him.
THEN I discovered the secret.

We have been going for about a month now.  For the summer the new member fee was waved and classes were unlimited so we have literally been going almost every single day, sometimes for two classes in a row.
It has been a perfect way for him to be stimulated with a new environment, 
he learns social skills and has gotten good at sharing and taking turns,
and he is learning to listen to a teacher and follow directions with a group.
Not to mention that he gets to run, throw,climb, throw, jump, throw, and dance.
(this kid's brain is programmed to throw things. I wonder who he got that from?)
THANK HEAVENS for Gymboree. 
It saved my sanity!

Even though entertaining a two year old all day can be tough,
his sweetness is still unmatched.
This kid loves to snuggle, hug, and love on his baby brother.
His talking has jumped to a whole new level in the last few weeks. 
It has been so much fun to see a glimpse of how his little mind perceives the world.
He is talking in full-on sentences now.
I know I will miss the way he says certain words someday.
Two year old speak is just adorable.
A few of our favorites:
heavy "Hahfee"
Greyson "Vaysun"
Dad is still nicknamed "GaaGaa" even though he has been able to say his D's for a really long time.
A few of our favorite phrases that he says a lot
although what makes them so cute is how he says them.
I should record him sometime so we don't forget.
"Here it is" but it sounds more like "Hee-i-is" all slurred together
"Where did it go?"
"There it is!"
"I'm making a mess!"
"Oh no"
"Uh oh"
"baby is crying, baby sad"
"Baby is cute!"
"He smile, he happy!"
to Greyson: "Heylilguy"
I could go on and on...but I'll spare you ;)
We sure love our Beck.

Of course, we celebrated the Dad's in our life on Father's Day,
Chase was thrilled with his box of assorted gourmet root beer, tinfoil dinners, and peach cobbler that night.
Jalene and I were thrilled when he graciously let us drink the Dad's brand on Father's day.

 Besides the wonderful Dad's and Grandfathers we have been blessed with,
I thank God every day for my Chase and the wonderful father he is to our boys.
Jalene was also here that weekend to shoot a wedding at the Kansas City temple!
Even though it was a quick trip, we were thrilled to have her here.
I wish we lived closer so we could hang out more.
Beck and Greyson sure loved it too.
She captured some beautiful pics of me and Beck that I will share when I get them
hint hint Jalene ;)

 Besides busy boys, holidays, visitors, and traveling, we have been busy with something else up our sleeve!
I really want to post a picture and give the details, but I am afraid I might jinx it!
Here is a hint though...
we will be signing a whole bunch of papers on Aug 14
 and in the meantime I am spending lots of time on decorating blogs!
SOOOO excited!

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jalene said...

So cute! Please bring those tan skinny jeans the boys both have to OKC and we will photograph them together. They are so cute.

And yes, SOON! I will get you your pictures soon. I have six weddings to edit currently. :/ ughhh, but soon!

Taryn said...

I was just thinking today that I hadn't heard from you much in the blogging/Instagram world. I mean you couldn't be busy or anything, right?! :) Your boys are just too cute! I am thinking arranged marriage between Beck and Stella? And a house?! So great!

The Millers said...

Your boys are so fun. I seriously love the picture of you feeding and entertaining. It made me laugh because it is so true. Being a mom definitely means you need to be a good multitasker! The house news is so exciting!

Jared & Kelsey said...

Your two boys are just so darling! Love your day in the life of a mommy pic!

my soul is the sky said...

Hey yeah that is crazy! I remember you from Old Farm too. That's so cool!

Katie Moore said...


I just had a quick question in regards to your website. If you could email me at your convenience that would be great!