Thursday, October 25, 2012

Our life looks different

Between my last post and today,
things look a lot different around here.
Our littlest: Bubba-Grey-Grey-ChunkersMonkers-Baby Greyson
(sometimes we really call him that whole string of names)

 in the last two months, Greyson has gone from coos and kicks
to sitting up, army crawling, solid food scarfing and biting with his very own set of (two) teeth
He loves to be free and play with all of Beck's toys -to big brother's dismay of course.


He suddenly hates to be swaddled or rocked
and much prefers to be laid down
 and left alone to fall asleep with nothing but his binky
 (and a spare to hold in his hand)

Any spec of dark hair that he used to have has been replaced with blonde fuzz that sticks straight up.
He reminds me so much of Beck at this age, yet looks so different at the same time.
He adores his brother and doesn't mind a bit when Beck rolls, flips, and attempts to lift him.

Beck has really grown up in the last couple months too.
He started climbing out of his crib so we put the toddler attachment on.

He did awesome with his new-found freedom for two straight weeks
 and then suddenly it was a nightmare.
For a good month and a half we would spend HOURS every night
putting him to bed and fighting for naps.

He was not falling asleep until after 10, waking up between 5:00-6:00am and skipping naps.
Oh and 1-2 middle of the night awakenings too.

I honestly thought it would never end and worried that my happy, well rested Beck was gone forever.
Luckily we got through it and have settled into a much more normal routine.

I think the big move affected him more than we realized because after a few weeks
month of living here
 and moving  him to a cool "rocket bed" that he loves, 
he finally calmed down and goes down without much of a fight most days.

Sadly though, the only way we get a nap is if he falls asleep running errands and I carry him to bed.
I can deal with that though.
Besides sleeping in a big boy bed, Beck's language skills have blossomed even more.
He says the most hilarious things lately 
and we are always chuckling behind his back about how adult he sounds.

He also is adorable with his little Greyson. 
Yesterday I couldn't help but tear up when he kept saying 
"We're best friends!" and "He's the best baby ever!"
I just love it.

As far as Chase and me,
some things have changed for us too!
I died my hair dark, 
which takes a little getting used to but it is actually closer to my natural color.

We celebrated our SIX year anniversary on October 21.
The number of years that we've been married keeps getting bigger, 
but how we feel about each other has only grown as well.  
(insert cute couple picure here)  
:( Its hard to get shots of us lately!
at least I got a cute one of my man though.

We went to the Cheesecake Factory and the temple to celebrate
and spent the 45 minute drive up recalling all the details of how we met and fell in love.
Who would have thought that the boy who laughed at my jokes from two seats over at at an Aggie basketball game would be my husband 6 1/2 years later?

Our surroundings have also changed a bit.
We bought a house!

It is so wonderful to have our very own space.
We love it so much and often feel like we are too young to deserve it.
Decorating has been sooo much harder than I imagined.  
Between having a small budget, and my picky, indecisive self,
I have to admit its pretty bare still.
Any volunteers to come visit Kansas and help?
I mean it, we love visitors!
I promise I will post more pictures soon.

Even our families have had lots of change in the last couple months.
My dear sister Tiffini had a darling baby girl in July:
Piper Milan Tyers

My dear little sister Kaela had a beautiful baby girl in August
Raegan Kae Frame

and another of my wonderful sisters, Abby, returned home from serving a mission in Chile.

It does look like a lot has changed for the Taylors over the last few months,
but really we are just the same. 
Loving our little boys one day at a time and trying to savor every minute
because as I can see as I look back on these couple short months
nothing stays the same for long!


Jalene said...

All of the pictures are so cute! I love those little boys so much. Lets Skype soon so we can talk to Beck and hear all the funny things he says.

Summer Jenkins said...

Leah - you have a beautiful and wonderful family. I am so happy for you and love getting little update son your life. Sounds like things are going well. A new baby...a new fun! Beck and Greyson and darling together. Just wish we were closer so our boys could play...and we could play! Hope to see you soon.

Becky Madill said...

Oh my gosh! Reading about Beck and his bed is like you were living my life! Kaylee was AWFUL when she moved to her toddler bed. She would get out of bed and we would wake to her getting treats out of the kitchen. Then she would wake all the other kids! So glad he is sleeping well now! Your house is adorable as is your sweet family!!!

Kylie Anderson said...

Leah, you have the cutest boys I have ever seen! What an adorable family:) That's so fun you guys bought a house!! I love decorating...i wish I was in kansas with an unlimited budget to have fun decorating with you!:) I'm so happy you guys are doing so well. I love you!!

Taryn said...

Your boys are too cute! So glad you are loving your house and just loving life! When did we become grown ups?

Chelsi said...

OH, I have missed your updates so much! I fell off the blog world for a while! Congrats! Congrats on all the wonderful happenings for you lately! A house?!?! We're so excited for you! That will probably be a next decade thing for us! :) And I'm just dying over how fast your boys are growing! They are SOOOO cute! We miss you guys a ton! Let's Skype sometime. We'd love to chat!