Thursday, November 1, 2012

"everything is more fun with kids"

I think I say that every holiday.
But then suddenly I think of grocery shopping and traveling and cleaning a house.
and I correct myself and say "Holidays are more fun with kids"
because lets face it, a lot of things are waaay more difficult with little ones
Luckily special days become that much more special when you can experience it through the eyes of a child
and all those things that make life so much LESS fun with busy babies are well worth it.

Halloween is definitely one of those times where it is so much more fun with kids. 
Its a perfect holiday to celebrate the beautiful weather, 
changing colors, and ushering in of a new colder season.
A favorite spot of ours is the pumpkin patch!
Kansas City is great in that it is a pretty big city, 
yet you only have to drive a few minutes out to experience the country.

 This was a great place for kids. 
From pony rides, scarecrow clowns, tall cowboys, play areas, bounce houses, face paint, corn shooting, music, animals, pumpkins, mazes...we had a blast.

 so cool in their matching jackets

Beck loved the corn maze and was so excited to find all the hidden scarecrows.

 Of course the goats were as eager as ever for a snack

I seriously could not look at these alpacas without chuckling.  They are so funny to me!

Little Grey loved playing in the corn wagon

For Family Night this week we carved pumpkins.
Beck insisted that we carve a scary one.

These angry eyebrows were plenty of scary for him

Momma got to carve the "happy punkin" as Beck called him.

This was Beck's first year trick or treating to houses and he loved every second of it!
He is suuuper into rockets and robots 
and was thrilled to get to dress up and pretend to be a robot with "flying powers!"

In case you can't tell what Chase is, he is a Bandwagon K-State fan  
(AKA "Need an excuse to buy a K-State shirt because I am a fan since they are winning now) 

Greyson was the cutest little scarecrow

Guess who got into town just in time for neighborhood Trick or Treating?! Mimi!

Beck would say trick or treat like 8 times as he was walking up to each door.  
As soon as they would open up and he'd see the candy, he'd get too excited and just mumble

"kjslfjsldjfslkjdflsdjfsjd candy!!"
and then follow up with a "Thank you" and sometimes, "One more piece?"
Of course no one could resist.

We had just as much fun handing out candy at our own house after we were done walking around.
Beck gladly gave each kid a handful of candy and a compliment
"bootiful costume, happy halloween!"
No Halloween would be complete without a dumping and admiring of the stash after a fun night.
Beck and Mimi even sorted it out by color just like we always did when we were little.

 'till next year Halloween! 


jalene said...

Sooooooooo cute! Looks like you guys had so much fun!

All the stuff Beck said was adorable! I loved it!

mariner57 said...

Leah your kids are adorable!