Saturday, March 1, 2008

What a beautiful place

What an absolutely beautiful place we live in. This past week has been like Spring and then look at what we walked out to this afternoon. You can't tell from the picture but the sky was bright blue and the trees were pink from the sunset. I have always loved sunsets. I cannot resist stopping for a moment and just admiring one of God's greatest creations. Most of the time photos don't even do it justice. Sometimes they at least help you to remember how great it was though!
The Summer that Chase and I fell in love we would go "Sunset Chasing" at least once a week. There were some pretty amazing sunsets. Here are a few of our faves.I am so glad that Chase humors me in my love for sunsets. He never complains when I insist that we find a place to watch it better. This was a couple blocks away from my apartment on an empty lot. There was a really cute old couple who were there watching the sun set also.
This picture is a few days after we first said "I love you" (sometime in June 2006)
This is at the Nauvoo temple right after Chase proposed! July 28, 2006


Dawn said...

Hey Leah this is dawn i found you blog in a crazy way. you both look so great. you can check out blog

Lacey said...

Brian is the one in our relationship that loves sunsets and such. So,I humor him- I know how chase feels in this. But, I can tell you it does help me to have even more love for my husband knowing he can appreciate something like that so much. I'm sure chase loves you more for it too :)

Taryn said...

AHHH...Pink Mountain Time! I will always think of you Leah!

Dustin & Heather Ashcroft said...

I need to stop and enjoy things like this more often.