Tuesday, March 1, 2011

March 1, 2010

February 28, 2010 12:00:00 AM 

I was driving with Chase down the empty Salt Lake Avenues towards the hospital to be induced. 
It was almost two weeks before my due date because of Pre-eclampsia. 
It was a quiet night, and I didn't even notice the rush of cold that usually happens when I go outside
I was so nervous.  So scared.  not for the baby part, just the unknown of being medically induced.


Fast forward 10 hours exactly


10:00:00 AM.  I looked into this angelic little creature's eyes for the very first time and to be cliche',
it WAS love at first sight. 


One year later.  I don't know how time passed so quickly.  but I'm still in love. 
...but my angelic creature is not the same teeny tiny newborn that he was a year ago. 
he has grown, a lot.

We had a family party for Beck and Kyle on Sunday, and today we are just making the day all about fun for Beck.  Here are a few sneak peaks of Beck at his party.  He LOVED these balloons.  They entertained him for a whole thirty minutes ;-)

Guess who took these great photos?  You got it! Jalene!

Happy Birthday Little guy!  You are LOVED!!!


Chelsi said...

Happy Birthday Beck! You sure are a cutie! Can't believe it's been a year already! :)

kami said...

awww happy birthday cute boy!!

Jodi said...

Oh that boy! That first picture of you and him gives me the chills. We sure love him. How exciting!

Jalene said...

so cute. i love that little man!

Jordan and Jenny Singleton said...

Woohoo! Waytago, Beck! Isn't it amazing how fast they grow? He is sure to be a real heart breaker someday since he is already so handsome! Jude just turned a year and a half - seems like just yesterday I was introducing my 6 month boy to your newborn, huh?

Breanne said...

Oh my goodness! I love all the balloons, so fun! Happy Birthday Beck!