Thursday, May 5, 2011

really random thoughts...hope thats ok with you.

My Chase is home from a business trip.  I feel kind of cool saying that,
because finally, he has a job that feels like a good fit. 
And it seems like a pretty legitimate job if you have "business trips" right?

Oh man.  I'm SOOOOO glad to have him back.  I missed that guy. a lot!
picture taken Feb 2011

Do you know what was really weird though? 
Last night we were phone chatting and it was as bright as day here, and already pitch dark in Indianapolis. 
I just think that is crazy.

It was a great reminder of how small our planet is compared to the sun. small I am compared to the planet. 
Sometimes it is easy to get so wrapped up in life
that you forget that the world doesn't revolve around you.  er, me. 
image by

Sometimes, (not often enough) I look at a stranger, I mean, really look-
and remember that they are  just as much of a person inside as I am. 

Random Person Eating Fair Food by Travelpod Member Northwesthook

They have as deeply felt emotions as I do. 
They have a life, and people surrounding them. 
They might have a husband and kids of their own
or maybe they live alone, and have their very own routine every night. 

They might as well be on a different planet, because my "world" is totally different from theirs. 
I see the people I see every week.
I go to the same places.
I eat the same types of food.

and even though they live just down the street,
we may as well be on a different planet
-for how connected our lives are.

That is just weird to me.
It does remind me to be compassionate when I see that strange lady
who cut in line at the grocery store and pretended she had no idea.
Maybe she's dealing with something really hard that day.

I hope I can be more empathetic to others. 
To judge a little less.
to love a little more.

and with that, I'm going to take my baby outside to enjoy the SUNSHINE!!!! 



Mommy Girl said...

great thoughts! And yes, enjoy that sunshine!!

Chase said...

I loved your post! Empathy is so powerful. I'd like to have more empathy for others as well! Yea summer is hear!!

Our Family said...

Thank you for reaching out to me Leah, it's so nice to 'meet' you! And can i just say that I absolutely love this though provoking post. As I was sitting in the packed airplane with my crying baby the other day, I was pondering the lives of all of the people around me, with all of their mixed reactions to our shared circumstances. It really is a beautiful world, and I feel so incredibly blessed to have been given the chance to exist in my little corner of it all. I hope you enjoyed yours today as well!