Monday, August 1, 2011

Its a confusing thing

Last week, as a last minute decision,
Beck and I drove to Kansas City with Chase.
We decided it was safer than him driving 15+ hours by himself,
and that way I could find housing and then fly home in a week.  

All along the way,
it was reaffirmed to us that we were making the right decision.
Heavenly Father was clearly watching out for us.

we got pulled over for going 88 in a 75,
(with out-of-state plates, and no current proof of insurance, I might add)
The cop didn't give us a ticket.
We must have looked a little battle worn after 12 hours in the car-haha!

Then, in Nebraska with at least 2 hours to go,
two of the highways we had to take were closed due to flooding. 
We had already driven 50 miles down one before we realized it was closed at the end.  :(
We pulled over-mulling over our options,
which were slim since we had NO idea what kind of alternate route to take.
We decided to ask directions when another car pulled up to the "Road Closed" baricade.
As luck (or more) would have it, they were going to Kansas City too!!
Seriously, what are the chances?!
For the next hour we followed them through whinedy Nebraska roads,
not a house or gas station in sight. 
As our gas gauged ticked lower and lower, we started to really worry.
Even if we did randomly come across a gas station
we would lose our guide if we had to pull over to refuel,
and we would be stuck again.

Just in the knick of time and prayers
we found gas, and our friends in the car ahead needed some too.
WHEW!!! was the general feeling in our car.

It turns out that the car we were following were the nicest couple, about our age.
Heather, the sweet wife,
INSISTED on getting my number and showing me around town when we got to Kansas City.
She said they moved to the city a few years back
and someone helped them find a place to live in the good areas of town.

It was clear that this couple was put in our path for a reason.
I'll never forget their kindess!!!

Finally, around midnight, after twenty hours in the car
we made it to Kansas City. 

The next morning when we started the car, our air conditioning wouldn't work.
We had fixed it right before our long drive,
 and it kept us nice and cool as we drove across the country.

It really was a miracle that it didn't stop the day before.
After three mechanics, we realized there was no solution but to put in a new compressor.
$800 dollars later,
we were still feeling blessed that it happened once we were in Kansas,
and not along the way.

Emotions are crazy things. 
Even though I knew from the beginning that this move was right for us,
it didn't make me mourn the loss of my life here any less.
I still sort of wished the right thing would be for us to stay here,
with familiarity and those we love.
That being said,
it took less than two days of being in KC for me to start envisioning our life there.
The people are so nice.
The drivers will let you in if you put your blinker on
We found a great place to live in a darling subburb of Kansas City.
Everything we could ever need is within a few minutes drive,
and downtown is a mere 15 minutes away with lots to see and do.
We went to our new ward yesterday (aka church congregation)
and we immedietly felt at home.

It is amazing how quickly I could go from being sad to leave Utah,
to counting down the days to start our new life in Kansas City.
I am so grateful for a compassionate Father in Heaven.

Now let the mayhem begin!
Chase is still in Kansas/Missouri working
and Beck and I will join him at the end of the month.
Between now and then we'll be doing a lot of packing, cleaning,
a heckofalota missing Chase,
and a trip to Oklahoma that we already had planned.
fun fun fun!

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Taryn said...

Leah, I have been thinking about you! This is such a great reminder that if we have faith in the Lord things really do work out. It isn't always so evident as the experiences you have been having, but when it needs to be it is :) I am so glad you are feeling at home in your new home already! Wish I could come help you pack up, but Ohio is a little far from Utah...although a little closer to KC :) I am excited for your families new adventure!

devin24 said...

Oh it's just the beginning, there is the same amount of good and bad in every place you live! Good luck! PS this is Nicole!

Olsens said...

Sheesh, I don't check your blog for awhile and now I find two big news stories! Hooray for another baby. I'm sad you didn't get to ride the rollercoasters. I have a goal to ride rollercoasters next time I'm not pregnant. I haven't done it since before Karlie. Also, hooray for a new adventure moving so far away. It's really quite fun to be far away from familiarity, and make a new start. I'm so happy for you.

Baby Favors said...

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Bri and Clarke said...

Leah, I don't know why but reading this just made me cry.. I don't doubt that it is probably because of the amazing faith you have and that the lord is always looking out for us, esp when we have so much faith in him and ask for help. I'm so glad you are safe in KC and enjoying it already. I think it is so cool that you guys get this fun opportunity to live somewhere else and experience all that is ahead there. That is so great that you had a nice guide too (Heather, in the car in front of you) I would have been scared the whole time that they would lead us to some crazy place.. I get bad anxiety but I know thro prayer heavenly father will once again always protect us.. Thanks for sharing. Miss ya!!