Wednesday, August 3, 2011

missing Daddy

Why am I sitting at the computer right now instead of working my tail off?
I don't have an answer to that question.
If I did, my answer would just be a bunch of pregnancy related excuses.
But in reality, I need to get my butt going! 

I just wanted to share some pictures of our little man for a Daddy that is halfway across the country.

Beck has been super lovey lately. 
At the Bountiful Summerfest tonight he kept going from uncle to uncle giving them kisses. 
He always aimed for  the lips too. 
It was adorable

 Here we are just missing our Daddy

Yesterday I hear a big thud across the room and realize that Beck had stood on his tiptoes to drop his cup into the sink.  Later that day to test him I handed him a fork and asked him to put it in the sink. He marched across the family room straight to the sink and tried with all his might to toss that fork in the sink.  Four times it didn't quite make it and it landed on his head.  I was so proud of his persistence!

This picture is just evidence that I need to sweep. 
He was picking crumbs off the bottoms of his feet....
...and eating them :)
 He has definitely been exploring his body lately, and his ability to make noises and facial expressions.
Yesterday he discovered that if he puts a finger in each nostril and blows out it makes a very loud noise. 
I'm sure its a matter of time before he tries to stick something but fingers up there!

We miss you Chase!!  8 days until we see you!!!!

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whit939watts said...

dear leah,
i miss hearing about you and your cute family. how are you doing? how is kansas city?
i hope all is well.
it's almost homecoming time again and i'm going to miss seeing you guys at the leadership reunion like last year.